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  • John Nottas in Greece First Touch 1950s
    John Nottas - Early 1950s

    History of BIONOT

    During the ‘50s, before the foundation of BIONOT, the machinist John Nottas decided to be specialized and develop at the agricultural machines manufacturing sector (i.e. hydraulic dumper platforms, threshing machines and various other constructions).

    His love for his occupation and his seeking for experience and learning, conducted him to Germany in the middle of ‘50s. He stayed there for 3 years, gaining knowledge and practicing in big manufacturing companies. So, when he felt that he was full of all necessary experience and competence of germanian mentality, he came back to Greece. As a business perceptive man, he decided at the end of ‘50s to develop and cover the agricultural needs of his navity area (Ammoudia – Serres).

    John Nottas in Germany 1950s
    1950s - John Nottas in Germany
    John Nottas in Greece 1950s
    Late 1950s - John Nottas in Greece
  • John Nottas First Peanuts Cracking Machine 1960s
    John Nottas - 1960's

    So, at the beginning of the ‘60s John Nottas manufactured his first peanut shelling machine, starting his activity in dry nuts processing machines sector. In substance, he founded BIONOT, having its seat in Heliopolis area-Thessaloniki. The stunning manufacturing quality and the pioneering ideas of BIONOT, were spread very quickly to all Greek territory. As a result, BIONOT was receiving continuous flow of orders for various types of dry nuts processing machines, for the primary sector mainly, but there were significant signs for the secondary sector as well.

    1965   BIONOT The First Peanuts Cracking Machine 1960s1965 - Our First Peanuts Cracking Machine
    1966   John Nottas New Harvesting Machine Demostration Early 1960s1966 - Harvesting Machine Demostration
    1967   BIONOT NOT60B1967 - Our First Rotated roaster NOT60B
    1968   BIONOT The First Almond Cracking Machine 1960s1968 - Our First Almond Cracking Machine
  • Elias Nottas Introduces Upgraded Peanuts Cracking Machine 1970
    Elias Nottas - 1970

    During the ‘70s and with the contribution of his son, Elias Nottas, they design, improve, develop and upgrade some of their already successful models, in order to achieve even more efficiency and safety. Later, at the end of the ‘70s, and when industrial activity had been started to grow in Greece, BIONOT moves to a new proprietary place with new building facilities in a plot of 8.000m2 (in Drimos area, a little outside of Thessaloniki).

    Factory Facilities - Late 1970

    Utilisating know-how, skilled staff and always with the contribution of Elias Nottas who had became a qualified mechanical engineer, BIONOT designs and manufactures a big variety of dry nuts processing machines (both for the primary and secondary sector). In 1974 manufactures the almonds shelling machine. A product with huge impact due to its efficiency and its small robust construction. In 1976, the almonds sheller model SA 418 is being developed and adapted in new demanded data. In 1978 BIONOT manufactures the rotary coffee and seeds roaster model NOT 78, which was the developed version of NOT 60 (a model of 1960). In 1979 manufactures the model LF 500. A hazelnuts blanching machine with perfect efficiency and small size.

    BIONOT Harvesting Machine Demostration1970 - Demonstrate of harvesting machine
    BIONOT INKY41 First Almond Peeling Machine 19741974 - Almond Peeling machine - model INKY 41
    BIONOT SA418 Combined Cracking and Sorting Line 19761976 - SA418 Compact system for cracking and sorting almonds
    BIONOT NOT78 Rotary Seeds Roaster 19781978 - NOT78 seeds rotated roaster
  • The active participation of Elias Nottas, son of John Nottas, his new ideas and the expansion of the company in the secondary sector, conducted BIONOT to begin the ‘80s posing outwards targets and enriching the range of its machines. One of the first manufacturing of Elias Nottas, was a dryer for nuts in 1981. .

    BIONOT LION85 MEDIUM (Current Model)
    LION 85 - Current Model

    The year of 1985 is one of the most determinant points in the history of BIONOT. This is the year that Elias Nottas innovates, designs and manufactures exclussively our airheated batch roaster model LION 85. This is our best-seller machine, even today, with protected patent and perfect efficiency. This machine opened the way to BIONOT for a global presence and recognition.

    BIONOT AG2000 Nuts Dryer 1981
    1981 - Nuts Dryer AG2000
    1986 - Production Line - LION85
    BIONOT Company - First Exhibition, Deploying Flagship LION85 Roaster 1986
    1986 - First Presence of BIONOT in an exhibition
    BIONOT - Factory aerial photo
    Factory - current look
    BIONOT Mechanical Engineer Employee 1990s
    1999 - Machine Design

    During the ‘90s, BIONOT participates consistently in International Exhibitions and its target is to pose strong bases and to be established in the global market of dry nuts processing machines manufacturers. One of the most determinant business actions for achieving its targets, was the elongation of the existing building and the construction of new auxiliary sites, in order to be able to service the new data of demands and production of a big industry. Always ahead of its time, in 1991 BIONOT manufactures the peanuts blanching machine model SRB. In 1996, according to industrialized and increased demand in dry nuts processing, BIONOT manufactures the automatic frying line model NOT 96 and in 1998 is launched the first electrical hot-air batch roaster model NHL 40, designed for SMBs. BIONOT invests in new planning technologies, expands its activities all over the world and always seeks for new challenges. In the ‘90s, BIONOT is developed rapidly and owns active clientele in more than 40 countries and collaborations that apply still today.

    BIONOT Peanuts Blanching Machine SRB BIG 1991
    1991 - Model SRB BIG
    1996 - Frying/Salting Line NOT96S
    1998 - Electrical batch roaster NHL40

  • The new millennium is signified by the rapid expansion of informatics and information technology in all sectors. BIONOT, having already invested in latest technology equipment and owning since 1996 one of the first websites worldwide at its field, went on important technological upgrades, both in designing sector and in machines manufacturing as well.

    2000 - ΝΟΤ2000 Automatic roasting line

    BIONOT now manufactures even more effective, operative, safe, ecological and near to customers’ demands machines, in primary and secondary processing sector of nuts. The continuous machines are necessary for covering the big capacity requests. Consequently, BIONOT launched in the beginning of the year 2000, the continuous roasting model NOT 2000, along with a rich range of various other auxiliary continuous equipment for conveyance, sorting and cooling, which can cover every demand for every production size.

    BIONOT Mechanical Engineer Employee 3D DISIGN 2000s
    2000s - Designer - 3D Application
    BIONOT FACTORY Employers Working 2000
    2000s - BIONOT FACTORY
    2000s - Plasma cutting
  • Our passion, experience, specialization and expertise, maintained our already successful steps, even during the global and local economical crisis. In 2010, BIONOT manufactures the batch roaster model ΝΟΤ 110, which is designed and destinated to roast sesame seeds and similar other products, with amazing results. In 2012 BIONOT manufactures the peanuts shelling, sorting and storing line model AF 1000. At the end of the year 2017, BIONOT responds successfully to an international competition challenge and manufactures the “Walnuts shelling and sorting line model NOT 217”. Today BIONOT, having as main orientation the customer and its continuous support in know-how, training and service, invests in research, modernization and qualitative technology of our machines. Our exports are being done in more than 80 countries all the world and they maintain stability in an increasing orbit. Besides, 60 years of history and experience, are the best guarantee of credibility and quality.

    BIONOT Dusseldorf Germany EXHIBITION 2013
    2013 - BIONOT Dusseldorf Germany EXHIBITION

    BIONOT NOT110 Batch Roaster Sesame AND Similiar Products
    NOT110 Batch Roaster Sesame AND Similiar Products
    BIONOT NOT217 Walnut Cracking Sorting Line 2017
    2017 - NOT217 Walnut Cracking Sorting Line

  • Owning a stable base of experience and achievements from the past, having as sense of direction our know-how and specialization of the present, with our continuous research for the development of our machines and our more than our 3000 customers that confided in us, BIONOT passes at the 3rd generation with unlimited ideas and passion. Visioning an even more constructive future, we focus in manufacturing qualitative and latest technology products, providing with a lot of advantages to the final user.

    We keep going on dynamically our route to the future.

    BIONOT Graph Going Up