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  • Almond Cracking Line SA6
    SA6 is a shell removing machine, which is adjusted in an almond shelling and sorting line. It is equipped with nut-cleaning sieves and with a kernel volumetric. SA6 acquires its own volumetric stage right before shell removing stage.

    Almond Cracking Line SA6 rear
    Almond Cracking Line SA6 front
    Almond Cracking Line SA6 back

     Capacity : up to 1000Kg/h 
  • Our complete almond-processing line model SA 418 is a cost-effective solution, ideal for small size companies or for new businesses in the dry nuts sector. It is consisted of a feeding elevator, a sheller, a cleaning sieve, a sorter, a volumetric, a storing silo and a manual sorting machine. Thanks to its excellent designing and operational philosophy, the efficiency of SA 418 is impressive.

    shelled almonds
    shelled cracked almonds

    Capacity : up to 250Kg/h
Almond Sheller