BIONOT - Batch Roaster for Caramel
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  • Tailored for roasting and caramelizing a variety of nuts, the NOT 105 is a quick and easy solution for the production of delectable caramel-coated nuts. The processing occurs within two rotating drums, seamlessly blending nuts and coating material to achieve a perfect caramelization.

    Caramelized Peanuts Sesami
    • Stainless steel manufacture with two rotating drums made of copper
    • Easy to use
    • Gas flame control (temperature control)
    • Easy overturn for final product removal
    • Design that complies with international safety, healthy food processing and environmental protection, rules.
    • Equipped with control system and ALARM, for stable operation.

     Capacity : up to 100Kgr/h 
Batch Roaster For Caramelized Nuts