BIONOT - Continuous Roaster for Sesame
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  • The model NOT119 is a continuous roaster, specially designed for roasting (or drying) sesame seeds, sunflower seed kernels, pumpkin seed kernels, crocant and similar small size products. An innovative state-of-the-art machine, unique worldwide. It roasts using hot recyclable air ideal for these kinds of nuts.

    sesami seeds
    sesami seeds
    • Completely stainless-steel manufacture
    • Uniform roasting of the product
    • Big energy savings
    • The product does not extract its oil during processing
    • The processed product is cleaned of dust and crusts
    • Flexibility and easy handling
    • Easy cleaning the surrounding area remains clean (Steams, dust etc)
    • Equipped with touch screen control system and alarm, for consistent roasting and stable operation.
    • Complies with CE standards

     Capacity : up to 250Kg/h 
Continuous Roaster for Sesame