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    MODEL NOT 105
    Type ΝΟΤ 105, is an easy and quick solution for the production of caramel coated nuts. Processing is executed inside two rotating drums, that accept nuts and coating material. Under each drum, there is the corresponding flame that heats raw material. After the end of processing, the ready product comes out without sticking on the walls. There is an air extractor above the drums, which sucks steams. Thus are maintained the hygienic conditions of th e production place. It is ensured the excellent quality of the final product, as well. Production of caramel coated nuts has special demands and our model NOT 105 is the ideal machine.

    Caramelized Peanuts Sesami
    • Stainless construction with copper rotating drums
    • Easy handling
    • Ability to control the gas flame (Consequently the temprature of the drum)
    • Easy overturn for removing the final (roasted) product
    • Corresponds to all highest specification for safety, protection of the environment and hygienic of foods
    • It has control system and notification ALARM, for consistent roasting and stable operation.

     Capacity : up to 100Kgr/h 
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