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    MODEL NOT 110
    Our new roaster model NOT 110 is especially applied for roasting (or drying) sesame seeds, sunflower seeds kernels, pumkin seeds kernels, NOT-110 Pastelcrocant and similar tissue small size products. This is a latest technology revolutionary machine and owns the world exclusivity for this processing. It roasts by hot recyclable air, which is the most ideal method for this kind of products. Its philosophy and ergonomic design, provide a lot of advantages and excellent quality of the final product. There is also the possibility of PLC addendum (upon request). It is manufactured for various productions but has excellent performance in roasting sesame, which is why it is preferred by individuals as well as industries for making sesame bars. NOT 110 does not include any cooling system, thus the product comes out hot.

    sesami seeds

    sesami seeds
    • Completely stainless steel construction
    • Uniform roasting
    • Cost efficient roasting technology / huge energy savings
    • No oiling of the product
    • Cleaning of processed product from dust or shells.
    • Flexibility and easy handling
    • Easy cleaning / it does not pollute the evironment
    • Clean production place during operation of the roaster (from steams a.o.)
    • According to CE norms
    • It has control system and notification ALARM, for consistent roasting and stable operation.

     Capacity : up to 250Kg/h 
Batch Roaster for Sesame